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            Manganese sulfate

            Molecular formula: MnSO4•H2O

            Properties: white, slightly pink powder.

            Quality Standard: Executive Standard: Q/EUMN 013—2018



            Manganese sulfate monohydrate (MnSO4•H2O) content ≥


            Manganese sulfate (as Mn) content ≥


            Arsenic (As) content ≤


            Lead (Pb) content ≤


            Cadmium (Cd) content ≤


            Mercury (Hg) content ≤


            Water insoluble content≤


            Fineness passed 250μm test sieve ≤


            Function and use: Mn mainly exists in blood, liver bones, high Mn content in coat, mane and feather (5-20mg/kg). There is a correlation with the Mn content of the diet, and its content can be used as an appropriate indicator to assess the nutritional status of Mn. Mn participates in the formation of mucopolysaccharide chondroitin sulfate in bones and is an essential component of cartilage in bones. Mn is part of some enzymes involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins. It is also a non-specific activator of various enzymes. It is a specific activator of arginase. It is related to growth and reproduction and can prevent short bones. Crude disease, the formation of normal bones, necessary to maintain the best quality of eggshells, participate in the hematopoietic function of Zn. Feed grade manganese sulfate monohydrate is used as a supplement to manganese in feed processing.

            Features: "Wuhua Zhongbao" brand feed grade manganese sulfate monohydrate wet process, stainless steel equipment dry, good solubility, pure color, good fluidity, no agglomeration, no crushing, no screening.

            Packaging, storage and transportation: Feed grade manganese sulfate monohydrate is packaged in food-grade low-pressure polyethylene film bags and polypropylene woven bags, 25kg or 1000kg per bag.

            Feed manganese sulfate monohydrate should be stored in a dry and ventilated place, sealed and stored, and it is prohibited to mix with toxic substances.

            Handle with care during transportation to prevent damage to the packaging, and do not expose to sunlight or rain. Mixed storage and transportation with toxic substances are prohibited.

            Production license number: Feed Tim (2015) H04002

            Product approval number: Xiang feed Tim (2014) 502015

            CONTACT US

            Production address: No. 1, Zheng Street, Dongyangdu Town, Zhuhui District, Hengyang City, Hunan Province
            Contact: Mr.Luo +86-13607348899 ??
            Domestic trade:Mr He +86-13707340097 Foreign trade:Mrs.Zhou +86-13875781860
            Tel: +86-734-8196262 /8363648 /8295252 ??????
            Fax: +86-734-8197272
            E-mail: sales@jumbochem.com ????Web:www.guangshawl.com

            Copyright(C)2020, Hengyang Jumbo Feed Additive Tech Co.,ltd.All Rights Reserved. Supported by ChemNet ChinaChemNet Toocle
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